Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Olivia and more...

I can't believe that it has been so long since I have written anything on here, ok, I guess given my track record its not surprizing at all.  I just wish that I was good at it and loved doing it.  I love that it is a good way to keep a journal of our family and a place to share thoughts and feelings.  So I guess that there is no going back in time to make up for all the lost post that could have been posted but I really want to try and use this to share with the world the wonderful family that I have been blessed with and the fun times we have together.  One thing that must be updated is the addition of sweet little Olivia Ann.  She was born October 20, 2013.  She is a little fireball and a joy to have around.  The last few months have been so fun to see her personality coming out.  Love this little blessing in our life!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Isaac Funnies!

So the other day Renn was getting Isaac out of the tub and Renn say's to Isaac, "your hands are wrinkly like an old persons." Isaac jumps up and says, "Like grandmas?"  He then goes over to my mom and says cheers!

We are back!

So it has been way to long, in the last week or so I have been feeling really guilty about not posting on the blog. Lets face it, I am just not a blogger and I am sorry to those of you out there who like to check in with us. Plus  Here are my reasons for coming back: One, my kids are so stinkin cute and it really needs to be documented. Two, I want to have some sort of family history. Three, there are grandparents and aunts and uncles out there that we don't get to see often enough.
This year is almost over and so much has gone on in our lives and we are amazed at how fast the kids are growing.  In February we bought a house in Provo and to this day I can still say we love it. It has a huge back yard for the kids to play in (Isaac is in heaven, he spends hours outside playing), a woodshop for Renn, and even a room that we have turned into a preschool for me! It's perfect for us.
We had a great first Easter in our home, the kids loved all the colored eggs.  I also made them matching Easter outfits, I love them!

Fourth of July was a lot of fun!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Friday, June 24, 2011

Another one on the way...

I have realized that I have not posted in a long time and have been wanting to for a while, life is just so busy sometimes. But as I lay here waiting for number two to arrive I feel the need to get it done and post some pictures of what we have been doing lately.

Grandma Patch came to visit in May. Isaac had a lot of fun with his grandma and it was good to have her visit for a while. She was here for a Quilting conference so she was really busy but we had a lot of fun with the time we did see her.

Isaac on his Hot Rod!

He loves the water!

We went to the mountains and Isaac had a blast throwing rocks!

Isaac and his daddy found a worm, Isaac was quite interested in it.

Isaac bringing his worm to show his mommy.

We tried to do a photo shoot with Isaac, he is an active little boy now days so it was hard to get him to sit still. We still got a few good ones of him though. He had more fun playing with the rocks than with the camera.

And last but not least....me before we induce the baby!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Isaac and I went to Roberts last week and they gave him a balloon, he has not let go of it since. He holds it while playing, eating, and if I would let him I am sure while he sleeps.

Isaac helping us clean the church!

Isaac loves to help clean, he pushed the vacuum around the whole time we were there. He had a hard time letting it go when it was time to leave. I guess that I need to find him one to help out around the house.